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What does society expect from me?

And who would I be if I fulfilled all those expectations?

Physical Performance by Marco Merenda.

Pictures by Emma Szabò

Premier April 2023, Sprechwerk Hamburg

The performance project FRUTTA FRESCA shows an open deconstruction process. Two Italian performers appropriate a number of Italian-related cultural stereotypes through choreography, physical theatre and spoken word, thus creating two “hyper-Italian”, drag-inspired characters. Throughout the performance, they will search for their true, authentic self - their identity beyond external, culturally conditioned attributions – by getting rid of their disguise piece by piece. Drawing upon personal experience as well as theoretical discourse, FRUTTA FRESCA aims at highlighting the fine line between appreciation, exoticisation and ascription of identity. The audience is given the opportunity to reflect on their own positioning in the discourse in a non-judgmental environment.

Fotos von Emma Szabò

Concept, performance, artistic direction: Marco Merenda
Performance, Co-Creation: Karin Rouges
Sound: Christopher Ramm
Dramaturgy: Margherita Scalise
Make-up: Giulia Limone
Costume & stage design: Steve Oelmann
Outside Eye: Pauline Schönfelder and Marco Fragnelli
Illustration: Giulia Limone

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