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Leaf Pattern Design


Physical Performance by Marco Merenda

Premiere 2021, Kampnagel Hamburg

Every year, over 1000 migrants drown in the Mediterranean. In the meanwhile, Karen decides to rescue a baby skunk lying on the street and names it Gerber. The whole thing is carefully documented and presented in form of a cute Facebook video. The video is shared over forty-six thousand times. \”This story melts my heart,\” Trudy comments. Would the story have melted so many hearts if Gerber had been a migrant? The performance project ENTER THE MUUVE. explores techniques of emotional movement. Three white performers create a twenty-minute \”movement experiment\”: an attempt to move themselves and the audience for a specific, politically relevant topic through language and body.

Marco Merenda [Konzept, Dramaturgie, Video, Performance]

Pauline Schönfelder [Performance]

Karin Rossi[Performance]

Leander Steve Oelmann [Kostüm, Bühne]

Saki Aslan [Outside Eye]

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